Yay!!!! Posting Schedule!

Blurry mobile phone image.
Blurry mobile phone image.


Hi Everyone!  While I’ve been posting on my Facebook page regularly, I’ve been ignoring my actual blog!  For shame!  I’ve run out of excuses, and will be posting more regularly.

My plan is to provide 2 weekly updates, one each on Monday and Thursday/Friday.    I’ll also hopefully be submitting posts to catch you all up on what I’ve done so far, and on other topics during the week as well.  They will get posted as I develop them.  Those posts will be like special unexpected little presents from me to you!

About Trina

Trina Serrecchia is an all around Renaissance gal on a quest to compile The Field Guide to Awesome! Writing on Travel, Project Management, and Awesomeness.


  1. Is there an easy way to post to the blog from your phone?

    1. Yes, I’ve done one, so far – the SJO-Tambor post was done via my phone. Do you need to know how? I compose an email and send it to a specific address, and it posts to my blog. I may be doing more posting from my phone as I go along.

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