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7 Days of Landscapes Photo Challenge – Day 3: Teatro Greco, Taormina, Italy

Teatro Greco - The Greek Theater - Taormina, Italy 2014
Teatro Greco – The Greek Theater – Taormina, Italy 2014

The Teatro Greco is a Greek Amphitheater built on a hill in Taormina, Sicily Italy, not far from Catania.  The portion of the ruins you see in the photo were probably built by the Romans on top of a more ancient Greek structure of the amphitheater.

In the distance is Mt. Etna, which was at the time of my visit, an actively erupting volcano.

The town of Taormina is just a short walk away, and is chock full of historic architecture, shops, restaurants, and night clubs.  Since the town is built on a cliff overlooking the Ionian Sea, the views are breathtaking.

I wasn’t in the area long – I had taken the bus from Catania to spend the day in Taormina.  I was alone initially, but as I got off the bus in Taormina, I started talking with a Chinese family who were just starting a vacation, and a Korean woman traveling alone, who was just finishing up her world travels before returning to Korea.

There were language barriers, but it was nice for all of us to share our first experience of a new town.  There is just something magical about sharing a new place with someone, even if it is a stranger.  In that moment you have forged a connection with another soul, and you are no longer alone in your experience.


In A Plane, Somewhere Over Europe!

Today I’m traveling from Venice Italy to Bangkok, Thailand, via Stockholm, Sweden. This post is being written on the first flight of the day. I’m enjoying Norwegian Air’s free wifi, and nearly empty craft.

Norwegian is a low cost carrier, and so charges for any refreshment, so last night I prepared a few sandwiches. Lastnight was the first time I bought plain white bread. It was a loaf of 5 peices, crustless, and long – the size of two continuous peices of american white bread, so enough for 5 sandwiches. i made two turkey, cheese, tomato, greens, & artichoke pate, one ham and cheese, one cheese, and one peanutbutter rollup.

One of my favorite travel accessories is my EMS self inflating travel pillow. It rolls up small, and inflates super easy. its nice to have a bit if extra comfort for long flights.

A quick travel tip – a travel pillow can act as extra cushioning for butts sore and tired from sitting for hours on uncomfortable economy class seats.

I love my Keen sandals, the are usually really comfy, and perfect for SE Asia. However, i have to get used to more structured shoes again. I’ve been wearing my Vibram 5 Fingers Treking shoe for 2 months, and loved them from the start – rediculously comfortable, especially fir a minimalist shoe. I’m going to have to watch my step, since I cant feel the ground in the Keens.

Well, folks, I’m gonna go surf the net and research destinations! Ciao, ragazzi!!!

Venice day trip to Burano island!

This afternoon I took the vaporetto from San Marco to Murano, and changed vessels to Burano Island. The whole trip is about an hour and a half each way, and spent an hour on the island.

Burano is a lovely and quiet change. Quiet canals, and no crush of tourist crowds. Many sweet lace shops line the canals.

All of the buildings are painted bright and cheerfully.

Now, I’m on my way back to Venice, for a last walk around, before I have to prepare for my travel to Bangkok!!!

Along the way I met up again with Julie, another traveler who I had met yesterday. We were leaving Burano at the same time and we decided to walk a bit and find an Apero Spritz…or two.

On the way I found this skewer of pretty marshmallows!

We had a lovely conversation over our beverages. we did have to valliantly defend our small bowl of peanuts from some agressive pigeons, though!

Catania, Italy to Valetta, Malta

Mt Etna in the distance, and Catania Italy below
Mt Etna in the distance, and Catania Italy below

What a vew! I’ve always loved the view from airplane windows, but this one really did take my breath away.  We just took off from Catania, Sicily, for a 30-minute flight to Malta.

This next photo captures something you don’t see often – almost an entire country outside your plane window:

Gozo, Comino, Malta
Gozo, Comino, Malta

Next we were decending to land – and see that all of the buildings are made from yellow limestone.  All of them.

IMG_5236IMG_5238Limestone constructionI can’t wait to see them up close!