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2019 Success Strategies!

OoooH!!! Loook! Free Resources!

Hey You!

Way back in the beginning of 2019 – 13 whole days ago 😀 – I did an online workshop – It was so much fun to do! It was thrilling to get feedback from my audience – They told me that they found huge value already!

The workshop was a lot of work – I put so much of myself into it, so I’m glad that it was fun. But, the big reason I created the video and resources was for those of you who are ready to start making daily progress on your goals.

Psssst…does this sound like you?

  • Have big dreams – and the overwhelm and jam-packed schedules to match
  • Think BIG – and that big picture thinking FEELS LIKE SOOOOO MUUUCH!
  • are ready to FINALLY stop giving up on your goals and yourself
  • Are tired of it all feeling so COMPLEX & HARD – and are ready for it to be SIMPLE & EASY (and you are ready to do the work and GET IT DONE!

Look…I’ve been there.

I’ve struggled with the overwhelm. Going from the time I woke, to when I finally collapsed in bed at night (far past any decent bed-time), and woken 4 or 5 hours later to do it all again. Only to realize that I didn’t make any progress!

I had the big dreams that felt like a mountain – and not known the first step to take that wouldn’t have me plummeting to my financial death.

I got sick of not making progress. I remember the crazy-making frustration, the cussing.

(dudes & dudettes – I am in awe of my own ability to cuss. It is impressive and appalling in equal amounts.),

…and Oh, yeah…there were some tears. (I am NOT a pretty cryer).

I was tired of everything feeling so complex and hard – and REALLY ready for things to be simple and easy.

(Whew…that was hard to write – I found myself all too vividly remembering how I felt way back then. )

All that crap had to STOP

I learned all these things out of desperation. I just COULD NOT TOLERATE any of that any more. So, I used strategy after strategy. I let go of what didn’t work. I found what worked consistently. And now, I’m sharing them with you.

I invite you to download the 2019 Success Strategies Blueprint Workbook PDF. 11 pages of strategies you can start using today to start making daily progress on your own Field Guide To Awesome!


P.S.: When you download the 2019 Success Strategies Blueprint Workbook , you also get access to 2 free secret bonuses!

Koh Samui – Day 1

20140409-215700.jpg    20140409-215646.jpg

I caught a taxi at 4am to BKK airport. I was worried that I might not find one, but my host assured me it would be easy and less than 200THB. Luckily, I only had to wave down two taxis to find one willing to take me to the airport AND use the meter. I was at the airport in about 20 minutes for 179THB. ( just a little over 5 USD).

I had checked in the night before, which was a good thing since they had changed my flight to bout 20min earlier. Another huge plus to checking in online is that you can usually avoid at least one long line. I went straight to the bag drop. Yes, shocker, I actually checked a bag for this trip. I had bought a large container of sunscreen, a couple small bottles of Mozzie spray (mozzie = Mosquitos) I had originally planned a train journey,so liquids weren’t a concern. Luckily, Bangkok Air has agree checked baggage allowance of 20kg/ about 40lbs. I felt SO STRANGE walking towards major transit without my backpack!!! Strange, but free. I managed to even have a few moments to grab a snack at the BA club, before heading to my gate.


The flight was nice, and the inflight snack was like a large airline meal – very well done and fresh. Once we landed and I got my pack, I went to the minivan service for Lamai. Sometimes you have to wait til they have enough people, but it didn’t take long before we were on our way.

I was the last dropped off, and I waited for a bit for my host to give better directions. I was ready to make other arrangements, when she finally responded. I was only a short walk. The place is very basic, but there is AC, bathroom, and walkable to the beach. I’ll stay here for a few days unless I find a better place on the beach.

I ended up taking a nap. Naps make everything better. The sun shines a little brighter. What would have been a trudge, becomes a stroll. Once I woke, I managed to get going about 2pm. I made the walk to the beach and stopped at the Tesco Lotus – kind of like a Walmart with a Thai style food court. I had some stir fried noodles with veg and chicken. Then finished my walk to the beach. Not too far.


Once I got comfy, a woman stopped by and exfoliated my feet. She started with one foot, said no cost if I didn’t like. She was nice, though she scolded me for not shaving my legs. So, it’s been a couple weeks…eh, I’ll do it tonight. Then she compared our skin colors, and laughed at the prices I paid for my hat and large cloth I’m using to sit on. Then she nodded sagely saying, “you pay farang prices, not Thai prices. Then we negotiated the cost to finish. She did most of one foot, but I felt bad not paying anything So I gave her 100THB, and said thanks, can’t afford the other foot. The price came down from 500 to 120 including both feet. Later she stopped by to tell me to not be on the beach alone after 6:30/7pm since I’m traveling alone. I’ll be taking her advice, and will be looking for a place really close to the beach.

The beach was clearing out about 5:45, so I packed up and headed back in the direction of where I’m staying, and stopped off to get a foot massage. This was the best one yet. I think I had a string dreams, and the massage seemed to last longer than an hour. I’ll be going back to that place.

Then there was pad Thai for dinner!

20140409-215508.jpg     20140409-215737.jpg