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Ko Samui : Day 3…or 4…

I think it is the 4th day including the day I arrived. These past few days have been like a real vacation. Wake, stress a little – I should be doing something- then I realize what I should be doing is being on the beach… All. Day. So I get dressed, grab my beach bag. On my way I stop for breakfast, at the open air market.


Today it was stir-fried morning-glory vine with garlic, chili and brown sauce & rice for 40thb, and a morning snack of a small bag of sticky rice.


There is a small part of the beach that has beach chairs you can rent for the whole day, for only 50thb ($1.50). The woman who gave me a pedicure on the beach told me about it. Oh, yeah, Thai women roam the beach offering pedicures, manicures, & massages.

Lunch was a carved pineapple and a coconut. The fellow added some small bananas, too.


I also got the lowdown on when Songkran is being celebrated near Lamai Beach. It starts tonight and all day tomorrow. I will not have a dry walk home tonight.

Arrived in Bangkok!

I’ve just passed my first 24 hrs in Bangkok, and have the energy to write!

I arrived yesterday at 6:45am. Usually, when I get to a place that uses a new currency, my first stop after getting off the plane is the ATM for some pocket money. Guess what I forgot to do! I forgot to contact my bank to let them know I was changing countries! Since it was after business hours in the states, I had to collect my other currencies and buy baht at the airport. Not ideal, but at least I had train fare and some lunch money!

I made it to my lodgings and met my host, Witty. He gave me a tour of the flat, which was lovely, and brand new – only 3 months old. There is also a wonderful pool, that I’m going to take advantage of later tonight.

After I got settled and changed, he took me on a little tour of the shopping district. I’m glad I had him with me, as I got a great deal on a lifeproof waterproof iPhone case.

We parted ways, Witty went to his yoga class, and I window shopped, till I was ready to drop.

Before I staggered back to the flat, from lack of sleep, I went up to the cafeteria style restaurant area on the top floor. It works like this: you figure out what you want, go to the cashier and pay, you are given a ticket to exchange for the food item. What I got was yummy – it was called Thai Steed soup.

I mangaged to find my way back to the flat, and “tried” to write/fb/research. Nothing was going to happen. I went horizontal from about 3pm to 8pm.

Once I woke, I managed my banking, then ran down the street to get cash, and my street food dinner.

With the 5 hour nap, you’d think I wouldn’t be able to sleep. Not the case – I slept solidly for 7 more hours.

In A Plane, Somewhere Over Europe!

Today I’m traveling from Venice Italy to Bangkok, Thailand, via Stockholm, Sweden. This post is being written on the first flight of the day. I’m enjoying Norwegian Air’s free wifi, and nearly empty craft.

Norwegian is a low cost carrier, and so charges for any refreshment, so last night I prepared a few sandwiches. Lastnight was the first time I bought plain white bread. It was a loaf of 5 peices, crustless, and long – the size of two continuous peices of american white bread, so enough for 5 sandwiches. i made two turkey, cheese, tomato, greens, & artichoke pate, one ham and cheese, one cheese, and one peanutbutter rollup.

One of my favorite travel accessories is my EMS self inflating travel pillow. It rolls up small, and inflates super easy. its nice to have a bit if extra comfort for long flights.

A quick travel tip – a travel pillow can act as extra cushioning for butts sore and tired from sitting for hours on uncomfortable economy class seats.

I love my Keen sandals, the are usually really comfy, and perfect for SE Asia. However, i have to get used to more structured shoes again. I’ve been wearing my Vibram 5 Fingers Treking shoe for 2 months, and loved them from the start – rediculously comfortable, especially fir a minimalist shoe. I’m going to have to watch my step, since I cant feel the ground in the Keens.

Well, folks, I’m gonna go surf the net and research destinations! Ciao, ragazzi!!!