Khmer food adventure after a day spent in seclusion.


Shhhhh!!! Don’t tell my NH Bed that I nearly wrote poetry to my Khmer Bed. The sweet comfy bed, AC, and decent wifi kept me indoors most of the day. By about 7pm I was getting hungry and I read about the “BBQ place around the corner”. People know where it is but not the name. It is huge, and quite local.

I found it, but at first I thought it was a garage. Lol. I managed to communicate that I wanted to sit down and order food. It seemed like they were a bit shocked to see me, and weren’t sure of what to make of me. I was the only westerner there, that was for sure.

No one spoke English except for the word “beer”. I went for a small Angkor Stout. They realized I wasn’t going to be a big drinker, and gave me a younger waitress.

I am deeply grateful that the menu was translated to English and had pictures. There were many wondrous dishes, like Beef Gender with Fire Ant Sauce (yes, it is probably what you think), grilled frogs (which are supposed to be best during rainy season- I may try them), and “The Vilest Parts of a Bovine Creature cooked in its stomach” (I paraphrased that dish – you are welcome).


I went with the grilled beef and veggies with sauce. The meal came and was presented on several plates, trays and bowls. I started picking and eating away, when a nice waitress stopped by my table suddenly and shook her head, grabbed another pair of chopsticks and showed me how to eat the dish. I was supposed to mix a few of the things together in the sauce, dip the meat in it, grab some of the raw veggies THEN eat it. Laughter translates well. It wa a good meal for $4.50.


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