Pre-Trip House Cleaning/Clutter Clearing

Let me tell  you a story…Once upon a time I returned home from a work trip.  My flight landed late that night, and I was staggering into my condo, dragging my bags.  I flipped on the light, and… GASP!!!!  SOMEONE HAD TOSSED THE JOINT!!!!  Then, I sighed.  No.  It was me.  I could blame no one but myself.

I’m planning something big in the Spring.  What ever happens, I want to return to a serene, harmonious sanctuary.

I hate house-cleaning.  With a passion.  Actually, what I really hate is clutter.  I look at it and get overwhelmed.  What the hell do I do with it?  I shift it around so I can ensure that I don’t live in filth.  Filth/dirt/grime is eliminated regularly from my living space.

Clutter, however, BREEDS.  I make huge efforts to eliminate clutter, my living space is serene briefly.  Just long enough for me to say, “How nice!”.  Then I turn around and BAM! Like a herd of frisky bunnies, clutter had mated and the clutter population exploded.

I dream of minimalist living.  Every couple of months I do a major purging, and things get better each time.  I’m due for the biggest one of all.

To prepare for that purging, I am clearing off surfaces, and putting things away that have obvious homes.

OK, enough procrastination…I’ll post more details, and about my processes later, but I just gotta get some of it done now.  TTFN!



Hints to my next adventure!

I just have to figure out how to add a sound file to make this truly relaxing!  Here are a few photos that give a hint to where I am going next…Yes, it has to do with the ocean.



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Transplanted post from my old blog:

So! I’ve been a bit incommunicado for a while.  Work, and work goals took over my life for March and April, “go-lives” that spanned weeks/ends at a time, and then…my contract ended.  Meanwhile, I’ve been preparing for the PMP exam.  Studying like a son-of-a-gun, and a bootcamp class are under my belt, and now I am A.L.M.O.S.T ready to take the 4 hour exam – as soon as I get my experience hours (5000+) verified. (UPDATE: I passed back in June right after I posted this originally on my old blog!)

What the heck is PMP?  It is an internationally recognized credential indicating that I am an experienced and knowledgeable/skilled Project Manager.    It is super-freakin AWESOME to be able to tack that credential after my name.

Needless to say, my “Weekend Travel” goal is tabled until I get a longer term travel contract.

Will this curtail travel goals? Heck NO!

Am I worried that I am “between contracts”?  Dbl Heck NO!  I’ve invested and saved, and should be fine for about a year, with modest living.  I plan on taking this time to explore some interests, and to see how they might evolve.

I have a commitment to my firm while I’m on the “bench”, but if my bench time expires before I get a new contract, I’m planning on doing some extended travel and explore some options in Location Independent work.

That is the direction this blog will go, as I see it right now.

I’ll be sharing:

  • How I am preparing my home – eliminating clutter, and going more “minimalist”- think 80/20
  • Location Independent work/income possibilities – including where I found the info – so if you are interested, you can take a look, too.
  • Extended travel/living abroad options
  • And More!

I’ll even include any mistakes I’ve made, just so you don’t have to experience them.  Or if you already have, you can commiserate with me.  LOL

For now I’m going to sign-off, and get back to my “Clutter Clearing Extravaganza!” I’ll be adding a post later with pictures, so you can see the complete and utter chaos of the before, and the anticipated serenity of the after images.

Lifestyle Design starts with a vague roadmap

Lens rotation during long exposure
Lens rotation during long exposure

It might start off with the feeling that something isn’t quite right.  You are generally happy, but perhaps just not as satisfied with the status quo.  You want something, just not quite sure what specifically.  A change, spark, passion, destination…

Later, I’ll post about how I got to this  point. That is how things started for me this past year.   In the past I was always able to identify a clear goal, and achieve it.  This time around, it seems my goals are larger, broader, and more sweeping than those changes I’ve made in the past.  As I write, I clarify for myself, and for anyone who is on their own journey of self discovery, how I got to where I am, and the steps I’m taking towards my future.

The featured photo is an example of thinking outside the box, looking at things just a little bit differently, and realizing that most often, the only limits you have are those you place on yourself.

Until next time!