Pre-Trip House Cleaning/Clutter Clearing

Let me tell  you a story…Once upon a time I returned home from a work trip.  My flight landed late that night, and I was staggering into my condo, dragging my bags.  I flipped on the light, and… GASP!!!!  SOMEONE HAD TOSSED THE JOINT!!!!  Then, I sighed.  No.  It was me.  I could blame no one but myself.

I’m planning something big in the Spring.  What ever happens, I want to return to a serene, harmonious sanctuary.

I hate house-cleaning.  With a passion.  Actually, what I really hate is clutter.  I look at it and get overwhelmed.  What the hell do I do with it?  I shift it around so I can ensure that I don’t live in filth.  Filth/dirt/grime is eliminated regularly from my living space.

Clutter, however, BREEDS.  I make huge efforts to eliminate clutter, my living space is serene briefly.  Just long enough for me to say, “How nice!”.  Then I turn around and BAM! Like a herd of frisky bunnies, clutter had mated and the clutter population exploded.

I dream of minimalist living.  Every couple of months I do a major purging, and things get better each time.  I’m due for the biggest one of all.

To prepare for that purging, I am clearing off surfaces, and putting things away that have obvious homes.

OK, enough procrastination…I’ll post more details, and about my processes later, but I just gotta get some of it done now.  TTFN!



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