Lifestyle Design starts with a vague roadmap

Lens rotation during long exposure
Lens rotation during long exposure

It might start off with the feeling that something isn’t quite right.  You are generally happy, but perhaps just not as satisfied with the status quo.  You want something, just not quite sure what specifically.  A change, spark, passion, destination…

Later, I’ll post about how I got to this  point. That is how things started for me this past year.   In the past I was always able to identify a clear goal, and achieve it.  This time around, it seems my goals are larger, broader, and more sweeping than those changes I’ve made in the past.  As I write, I clarify for myself, and for anyone who is on their own journey of self discovery, how I got to where I am, and the steps I’m taking towards my future.

The featured photo is an example of thinking outside the box, looking at things just a little bit differently, and realizing that most often, the only limits you have are those you place on yourself.

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