My last day in Bangkok, and arriving in Siem Reap, Cambodia


I left my lodgings around 10am, totally sure I could get to Wat Po, enjoy a massage, and get back to my place with plenty of time to take a refreshing shower and make my way in a relaxed manner to the airport.

I got everything done except the relaxed and plenty of time parts.

Things don’t look so far apart on the map, and theoretically you can get there from here. Just not quickly, or easily. Each train and boat are run by different companies, & use a different tickets. I got there fine, though, it took a bit longer than I expected.

I was determined to get that massage.

I had to take two trains and a boat there. I had to take the same back, but in reverse. Except, as a result of being over tired, over heated, thinking that I had to rush, I misread the sign, and got off the freakin boat too early. Right about then the effects of the massage wore off. At that point I was just praying to get back in time to hose off, and get to the airport in time.

It was a mad scramble to get myself out the door. I contacted my host via LINE, an app that is like Viber and a bit better than Whatsapp. Sadly, one of his dogs, thy was in the Vet hospital, finally passed away. I felt so bad that I couldn’t talk more with him!

The best part of my dash to the airport was I only had to take one train. Oh, and once I got to the right station, I was worried about finding the right bus, but a nice traffic officer, who was managing the rush hour busses, told me I was in the right spot for the A1 airport “express” bus. Traffic was awful! LOL. I got to the airport JUST in time. AirAsia’s check in area is not well signed, so I asked a fellow at one of the desks if I was in the right place, and his eyes got big and looked at his watch – I got there 1.5hrs before the flight. He and a co worker rushed me through.

The coworker gave me a mild panic attack – he kept asking for my visa paperwork. He couldn’t give me my boarding pass without it. I had no idea what he was talking about, since I was planning on doing the Visa on Arrival – the only “paperwork” I had was the $20USD for the visa in Cambodia. I was sure I was going to miss my flight, but the other associate said, “OH, Cambodia”, the agent was thinking I was going to China. Whew!!!! THEN, as I put the pack on the scale, I brushed against the tape that the security guard slapped on it on the way to the check in desk. It had to be scanned again. Thought I was going to shed a panic tear. The checkin agents said not to worry, that they would take care of it. I was really praying my bag would make it to my destination with me!!! Asia’s low cost airlines are much more strict on carry on weight – only 7kgs. My pack is less than 17kgs, I don’t think I could sneak it past. Plus, I have a supply of sunscreen and bug repellant.

After that things got much easier. Security was fast, and I had just enough time to hit the loo, grab a sandwich, and change 3000 BHT into about $97. I hate changing cash, but I knew I’d need it in Cambodia.

The flight was quick, and I forgot that I had ordered a meal. I’m still glad I got the sandwich, because the AirAsia meal was less than “meh”.


Once my flight arrived, and I made my way to the Visa area there was quite a line, but it did really move quickly. I had a moment of concern when I saw the people around me take out their extra passport photos, but the Visa agent just charged me $1 extra, and it was no problem. Then you just wait in a group, and once your passport is done, they call your name, hand you your passport, and you are good to go – 30 days for a Tourist visa.

Once I grabbed my bags, I made my way to find my driver. I’m staying at Seven Candles Guesthouse, and they sent a driver to pick me up for free – so awesome!



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  1. OMG, Trina, you had me on the edge of my seat wondering if you were going to make it on time! Glad you did and everything else worked out. Can’t wait to hear more about Cambodia!

    1. Hi Meg! I was on the edge of my seat too! I was chanting a mantra in my head – I am going to make it, I am going to make it. Oh, Holy Crap, I better make it! LOL!

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