Arrived in Bangkok!

I’ve just passed my first 24 hrs in Bangkok, and have the energy to write!

I arrived yesterday at 6:45am. Usually, when I get to a place that uses a new currency, my first stop after getting off the plane is the ATM for some pocket money. Guess what I forgot to do! I forgot to contact my bank to let them know I was changing countries! Since it was after business hours in the states, I had to collect my other currencies and buy baht at the airport. Not ideal, but at least I had train fare and some lunch money!

I made it to my lodgings and met my host, Witty. He gave me a tour of the flat, which was lovely, and brand new – only 3 months old. There is also a wonderful pool, that I’m going to take advantage of later tonight.

After I got settled and changed, he took me on a little tour of the shopping district. I’m glad I had him with me, as I got a great deal on a lifeproof waterproof iPhone case.

We parted ways, Witty went to his yoga class, and I window shopped, till I was ready to drop.

Before I staggered back to the flat, from lack of sleep, I went up to the cafeteria style restaurant area on the top floor. It works like this: you figure out what you want, go to the cashier and pay, you are given a ticket to exchange for the food item. What I got was yummy – it was called Thai Steed soup.

I mangaged to find my way back to the flat, and “tried” to write/fb/research. Nothing was going to happen. I went horizontal from about 3pm to 8pm.

Once I woke, I managed my banking, then ran down the street to get cash, and my street food dinner.

With the 5 hour nap, you’d think I wouldn’t be able to sleep. Not the case – I slept solidly for 7 more hours.

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