NaNoWriMo 2014 Winner!

Just a quick post, as I have finally hit 50 thousand words tonight – before midnight.  I am not sure when I will post this – I have got to edit it before I do – not much else is edited on my National Novel Writing effort. My writing projects are not yet done.  I …

Clutter Elimination Rush

Clutter Elimination Rush

The sense of relief is almost a “high” when you get to the point you get rid of things that aren’t useful, aren’t beautiful, don’t uplift you, or can’t be repaired. Even the things that you have duplicates of, and don’t have a place to be put away – really, if you can’t find it when you need it – how useful is it?

FB Black & White 5 Day Challenge: Day 1

Here is Day 1, of the 5 day Black & White photo challenge!  This was taken at Ayutthaya, Thailand, and is of tree roots that have grown over a Buddha figure’s head and body. The reason I am posting the photo here, instead of Facebook, is that I want to retain full rights of my …