My first day walking around Siem Reap

My first day I spent walking around, getting the layout of the land. My goal was to find food and the Old Market.

Traffic here is mostly bikes, mopeds, and tuktuks. “Laadyy, tuktuk?” Is something I’m hearing so often, I’ll hear it in my dreams. I mostly walk, as long as I have water and sun cover, like a hat or umbrella. I can mosey at my speed and get photos along the way.


Here are some small children on the side of the road.

Before I got to the market, I stopped for second breakfast. The first breakfast was much earlier in the day.

Khmer Noodle Soup

Once I slurped down some noodles, I found my way to the market. Loads of t-shirts and touristy things on the outskirts, but a more local style market in the center.


Some kind of juicing contraption, and coconuts.


A butcher girl.

View down a market alley to the outside.

Dinner that night was some nice veggie soup.


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