Dear Diary…Posts of anticipation (Jan 5-8)

January 5th:

I don’t know why I’m dusting my condo. After six months, I’ll have to be very careful not to stir a breeze when I walk back in July-ish, and cause a dust storm.

In other news – pre-departure house cleaning progress is being made. Whew! I won’t have to wonder who trashed the joint – and realize that it was me.

January 7th:

Checked in for my flight! Gonna obsessively unpack and repack my backpack. Then a final walk through. I wonder what I’ve forgotten. Whatever it might be, I’ll work it out. LOL

January 8th:

I’ve about an hour before my flight, and am relaxing in the Virgin Atlantic Club House. I’m so happy Delta partnered with Virgin! This is the best state side airport club I’ve been in so far! It is like a mini restaurant, with table service even. I was offered two kinds of sparkling wine, as well as a full bar. I took the Prosecco. Then I had the vegetarian Chickpea chana masala. I’m following that up with a pot of tea and a tiny desert made with chocolate pudding, topped with a rum walnut concoction and whipped cream. This was a lovely resolution to my super stressed scrambling of the day. Soon I’ll be boarding my flight to London, where I’ll get to hopefully sample the premier Virgin Atlantic club, for at least an hour before I catch the leg to Paris. I’m kinda looking forward to the actual flight on Virgin Atlantic.

For anyone wondering how I got access to the clubs – I keep a Delta Sky Club membership when I am consulting. It gives me a place to work with access to wifi, and occasionally take work calls. This time I’m using it for my adventure travel. — feeling Chilling in the club before my flight at Virgin Atlantic – Terminal E – BOS.

(a few minutes pass) On the plane now: OMG! Virgin Atlantic coach seats have power ports!!!

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