BRAINBLEACHWelcome to my Brain Bleach Relaxation Station!

Ideally, nothing on FieldGuideToAwesome should require Brain Bleach, other than when when I talk about leaving our Comfort Zones to find the Magic.

The Comfort Zone is a safe place.  Nothing interesting happens, you know what to expect, good or bad.  You have your routine, you are relatively good at what ever you do there, and every one knows your name.  On the other hand…Nothing interesting happens, you are living by default, you might not like what you see, you aren’t liking what you are doing in a meaningful way, and you want to expand your world.

Eventually, you’ll find that the Comfort Zone is not quite as comfortable as it once was.  You’ll realize you need, with a desperate burning passion, to find that Magic.  That anxiety you used to feel is actually a powerful anticipation of Awesomeness!  You’ve no idea what is going to happen, only that it will be awesome!

Till then, I give you FG2Awesome’s Brain Bleach Relaxation Station.  Here you’ll find adorable videos, cool and fun links to other sites.  I don’t own any of the videos or linked content on this page – they are the property of their creators.  I just wanted to share their creations with everyone who reads this site, and for my own Brain Bleach needs.